Special Seminars (Fall, 2008)
Time¡G12:15-13:30 PM
Place¡GRm. 402, Library, Information and Research Building (¹Ï¸ê¤j¼Ó4¼Ó402±Ð«Ç)

Date Speaker Topic Note
Oct 02 Dr. JOHN S. SILVA
(Department of Surgery, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD)
Disaster Informatics
Oct 06 Dr. Kiyomu Ishikawa
(Hiroshima University Hospital, Healthcare Informatics and Systems Management Dept)
“A New Approach of The Health Informatics and Systems Management Department of Hiroshima University Hospital” and”Development of Competence for Information and Systems Management to Support Ubiquitous and Comprehensive Healthcare “ Time: 13:30-14:30, Place: LIB R403
Oct 24 ÁéÖö¤è I-Fang Chung
Institute of Biomedical Informatics, National Yang-Ming University
Selection of Dominant and Dormant Marker Genes from Multi-class Microarray Expression Data Time: 9:00-10:00
Oct 30 ªL¥ò«Û Chung-Yen Lin
(Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)
Deciphering the protein network in the approach of Systems Biology
Nov 27 ¤ý®]±R Sun-Chong Wang
(Institute of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, National Central University)
Exploratory analysis of high dimensional genomic data
Dec 04 ³¯Â{¦t Hsuan-Yu Chen
(Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica)
Molecular Signatures, Bioinformatics, and Clinical data in Cancer- Toward Personalized Medicine
Dec 11 ½²Ãh¼e Huai-Kuang Tsai
(Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)
Some notes on regulatory mechanisms in yeast