Kun-Pin Wu

Personal Profile

Kun-Pin Wu
Professor, Institute of Biomedical Informatics
PhD of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Field of Interest: Algorithms of Bioinformatics, Computatioal Proteomics
Office: R303, 3F, SoRen Building
Phone: 886-2-28267273
Email: kpwu@nycu.edu.tw

Research Interests

  • 研究主題 (Research Topics):
    • 實證醫學的文獻回顧 (Systematic Reviews in Evidence-Based Medicine)
    • 神經細胞分群、分類,與標記尋找 (Neuronal Clustering, Classification, and Marker Discovery)
    • 癌症標記尋找 (Cancer Marker Discovery)
    • 生醫數據分析 (Biomedical Data Analysis)
  • 研究方法 (Research Methodology):
    • 人工智慧(Artificial Intelligence)
    • 資料探勘 (Data Mining)
    • 數據分析 (Data Analysis)
    • 自然語言處理 (Natural Language Processing)


  • Journal Papers
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  • Conference Papers
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