Recruiting information

International Student Admissions Information
Recruiting information

  • Admission information for foreign students:Link
  • 【Application information】
    1. Application Period: December 20, 2020- March 05, 2021
    2. Read the 2021 Prospectus for International Students to prepare all required documentation and start the online application.
    3. Online application system:
    4. All documentation must be submitted using the online application system before March 05, 2021, we are unable to accept paper copy of documentation.
    5. Note: Applicants will be asked to provide details of referees.A recommendation request will be sent from our online application system to referees. Referees can submit recommendation letter via our online application system before March 05, 2021.
    6. Contact information:【Office of International Affairs】Ms. Trudy Wu, Email:
Institute of Biomedical Informatics

  • 90% of courses are taught in Chinese. Various equivalent courses provided by other institutes in English can be chosen after acceptance review before selection of courses.
Phase І — Application and Preliminary Screening (Weight of scores: 70%)
1. Curriculum Vitae (TYPE in English OR Chinese)
2. Two Letters of Recommendation
3. Statement of Purpose (TYPE in English OR Chinese)
– Purpose of study: delineating the reasons for studying in Taiwan.
– Plans of study: stating specific area of interest, and proposed subject of current o future research objectives
– Anticipated results: stating how the intended study will help fulfill personal and scientific goals
4. One copy of the highest-level diploma/certificate (or equivalent academic attainment) AND one copy of transcript issued by the institution (with translations into English or Chinese, if in other languages).
5. Verification of English Proficiency: For international applicants whose native language is not English, TOEFL minimum score above 80(IBT) is required – it must be taken within the past five years.
6. Other supporting materials:

  • Research experience related to Biomedical Informatics
  • Published scientific papers
Phase II – Interview (Weight of scores: 30%)
  • After the preliminary screening, qualified applicants will be informed to attend an interview. At this stage, the interview is proceeded by either an in person oral interview or phone/webcam interview.
  • Please enclose applicants’ Email and contact phone number clearly for the interview.
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